Rock & Roll Jane is a t-shirt company for music lovers. We sell officially licensed band tees and merchandise, as well as our own line of graphic tees and guitar pick necklaces from our headquarters in San Diego, CA.

Our mission is to spread our love of music by providing official band merch that fans can wear with pride, and to help support their favorite artists. We also want to give people a unique shopping experience that they can't find anywhere else. Our vision is to be the go-to source for music lovers everywhere who want great products, amazing customer service, and a connection to their favorite bands.

Our goal is creating a brand that celebrates all things music. We're committed to providing an engaging shopping experience for our customers - from finding your favorite band tee to sharing your love of music with others. So come join us at Rock & Roll Jane - where we rock out every day!

Meet the founder!

woman wearing an officially licensed Iron Maiden baseball hat available at Rock & Roll Jane

Hi, I’m Kathie, owner and rock-n-roll-loving-mama of Rock & Roll Jane.

My journey to Rock & Roll Jane has been a long time coming. Years of listening to music, going to live shows, making music and learning instruments, working music-related jobs including writing, retail, management, photography, merchandising, and hospitality, immersed in fashion, and numerous nights starring at the stars.

All these years living in a rock-n-roll world led me to Rock & Roll Jane.

You may be wondering: Who is Rock & Roll Jane?

Well, Rock & Roll Jane is you and me. It’s our badass selves living life like the rock stars we are. Being our true authentic selves.