Rock & Roll Jane owner, Kathie Zaccaria, wearing a Led Zeppelin t-shirt

Hi, I’m Kathie, owner and rock-n-roll-loving-mama of Rock & Roll Jane.

You may be wondering: Who is Rock & Roll Jane?

Well, Rock & Roll Jane is you and me. It’s our badass selves living life like the rock stars we are. Being our true authentic selves. Wearing what we want to wear - regardless of age.

My journey to Rock & Roll Jane has been a long time coming. Years of listening to music, seeing live shows, playing instruments, working music-related jobs, immersed in fashion, and numerous nights starring at the stars.

My aha moment: This is what I was meant to do.

After all these years I finally realized what being "true" to myself meant. And what we choose to think about ourselves is so important.

I choose to be a rock goddess everyday. And you?

You deserve to be dressed up in the best tees and accessories that you can find. So I'm going all out with our collections, hoping you find something that rocks you like a hurricane (thanks for the lyric, Scorpions)!

Let's rock the world together,