by Marissa Bergen

AC/DC, Judas Priest, Kiss, Led Zeppelin. We all love those bands. But after hearing their songs countless times, perhaps we're ready for a different approach. A new approach, a fresh approach, the approach only an all-female tribute band can provide.

There are several all-female tribute bands that offer their own takes on the classics, and audiences can’t get enough. They're successful enough to tour all over the world showing hardcore fans that they have the chops and stage presence to take over as the new generation of classic rock. Here are a few to look out for when they come to your town.

Hell’s Belles
Formed in 2000, Hell’s Belles is likely to be the first all-female cover band to take on AC/DC. Stalwart members Mandy Reed-Leinenweber (Brian Johnson) and Adrian ‘Angus’ Conner make up the core of the lineup. Their touring calendar shows an impressive resume. These gals have been all over the United States and have even performed in Japan.

More than just a cover band, they have become stars in their own rights. They were mentioned in a question on Jeopardy. Angus Young is quoted as saying, “The best AC/DC band I ever heard? There was an all-girl band in America, Hell’s Belles.”

Learn more about the history of the band as well as upcoming shows on their website.

Adrian Conner, guitarist with Hell's Belles, an all-female AC/DC tribute band

 Adrian 'Angus' Conner of Hell's Belles. Photo by Kathie Zaccaria

The Iron Maidens
The Iron Maidens call themselves “the world’s only female tribute to Iron Maiden”. Established in 2001, they've quickly become one of Southern California’s most popular acts to see live. They have also played across the United States and in various parts of Europe.

In addition to impressive chops, the band puts on an authentic show including Eddie, the Maiden mascot, the grim reaper, the devil and more. They have won several awards being recognized as a highly skilled tribute band. They play both old and newer selections appeasing fans of every Maiden era.

Learn more about the band on their website.

The Iron Maidens, an all-female Iron Maiden tribut band

admits they have big shoes to fill in taking on Led Zeppelin. They strive to honor the band by paying attention to the music’s intricacies and emulating the spirit created in each performance. They've played throughout Europe and the United States.

The band was founded by drummer Clementine and is rounded out by skilled musicians Gretchen Menn (Jimmy Page), Holly West (John Paul Jones), and Anna Kristina (Robert Plant). Each brings a combination of classic rock influences to the table. They also have their own learning channels available through the website.

All-female Led Zeppelin tribute band, Zepparella

RagDolls credits themselves as the Ultimate Aerosmith Tribute. They're dedicated to recreating Aerosmith’s iconic energy both musically and in the way they dress and perform. Their set includes songs from all five decades of the band’s history.

The tribute band was founded by singer and veteran rock vocalist Susie Major. She is joined by Ali Handel (Joe Perry), Masha McSorley (Brad Whitford), Tara Rae (Tom Hamilton), and Marisa Testa (Joey Kramer) all of which boast impressive musical resumes. They tour all over the country.

Find out more about the band as well as their show schedule on their website.

RagDolls, an all-female Aerosmith tribute band

Judas Priestess

Judas Priestess refers to themselves as the ‘world’s only all-female tribute to the metal gods Judas Priest’. They pay homage to the band sporting leather garb and doing synchronized moves in their stage show. They have been described as “Metal’s top female tribute,” by former Priest guitarist K.K. Downing.

The band boasts an impressive resume. They've played countless biker events, opened for well-known metal bands, and were even hired by the LIRR/MTA to perform inside New York’s historical Penn Station during rush hour. They currently have upcoming dates in the United States and Canada.

Check out photos, tours, and more on their website.

Judas Priestess, an all-female Judas Priest tribute band
Judas Priestess

Priss is the only Kiss tribute band to be hand-chosen by Kiss to play on the Kiss Cruise. They have also played on the ‘Gene Simmons Family Jewels’ TV show and have performed with former Kiss members Bruce and Bob Kulick. They wear the classic makeup and costumes and tour all over the world.

The band even has their own feminized Kiss names. Moa Henriksson is Doll Stanley, Andrea Zermeon is Jean Simone Goddess of Thunder and Jennifer Paro is Lace Frehley. Each brings a unique blend of talent and energy to the table in every performance.

Find out more about their upcoming shows on their website.

Priss, an all-female KISS tribute band

Black Sabbitch
Black Sabbitch have been selling out shows and wowing fans for over a decade. They were handpicked by Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne to open Ozzfiesta. Dave Grohl chose them to play CalJam with Iggy Pop and the Foo Fighters and shared photos of the band afterwards saying, “we were spellbound”.

Frontwoman Alice Austin has the Ozzy image down as she paces stiffly across stage sporting the front man’s signature glasses and haircut. She is backed by the talented Melanie Makaiwi (Geezer Butler), Emily Burton (Tony Iommi), and Angie Scarpa (Bill Ward). The band has upcoming dates in the United States and Europe.

Check out their upcoming tour dates and maybe pick up a Black Sabbitch tee on their website.

Black Sabbitch, the All Female Black Sabbath
Black Sabbitch

The Ramonas
The Ramonas market themselves as the U. K’s best tribute to the Ramones. Formed in 2004, they bring the spirit of 1976 accompanied by the slogan, “touring is never boring”. They wear the telltale black leather jackets and moppy hair the Ramones were known for.

Like the Ramones, who were known for their cute nicknames Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, and Marky, the Ramonas have also come up with their own band monikers. Vocalist Lisa is Cloey Ramone, guitarist Maxine is Rohnny Ramone, bassist Vicky is Pee Pee Ramone and drummer Sadie is Skitchy Ramone. In addition to covers, they also play some Ramones inspired originals.

Check out their videos, audio, and more on their website.

The Ramonas, an all-female Ramones tribute band
The Ramonas

Lez Zeppelin
Founded in 2004, Lez Zeppelin are known for performing Led Zeppelin classics with all the energy and accuracy of the original band. Jimmy Page attended one of their shows in London and described them as playing, “with an extraordinary sensuality and an energy and passion that highlighted their superb musicianship.”

They add an impressive gender-bending performance that sets them apart. The band released the self-titled ‘Lez Zeppelin’, an album of Zeppelin covers produced by the legendary Eddie Kramer using all the vintage equipment the original group used in 1968. They have played at shows and festivals all over the world. They have dates booked throughout the United States in 2022.

Check out more information about the band, news, and visit their shop online.

Lez Zeppelin, an all-female Led Zeppelin tribute band
Lez Zeppelin

The women that play in these bands have proven they have the chops to be just as good as the originals. Their feminine power puts a fresh take on the classics.

Which will you be checking out when they come to your town?


Marissa Bergen is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles, CA. She is passionate about health, fashion, and music. When she is not writing, she enjoys playing music with her son, daughter, and husband in their family band The CheeseBergens.

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