by Marissa Bergen

Band tees will never go out of style. They are timeless and ageless. As long as you like the band, you have every right to wear the tee.

One thing that’s great about band tees is, they’re so versatile. It seems as if there’s nothing you can’t wear them with.

If you have band tees in your wardrobe, this article will help you come up with different stylish looks that let your rock your band tee loud and proud.

To Cut or Not to Cut

I remember back in the day; I would cut every band tee I had. Most band tees came in men’s sizes only so this was a good way to feminize them.

Today, band tees come in a variety of sizes including women’s and men’s, baby tees and more. This eliminates the need to cut them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take scissors to them if you prefer a distressed look.

Keep in mind that if you have an oversized band tee, cutting it will make it fall off you even more. If you go this route, you may have to do some alterations. So, make sure you’re handy with a needle and thread… or have some safety pins handy!

More Pronounced Alterations

It’s not unusual to find band tees in all sorts of altered states. People cut holes into them, braid the fabric together for a more fitted look, add bell sleeves and so on. I’ve even seen band tees that looked as if one piece was taken off, moved to another location of the shirt, and restitched entirely.

If you are skilled in making these types of alterations, go for it. You may even be able to sell your creations for money!

With Jeans

Your band tee can be cut, altered, or left as is. One piece of clothing it will always look good with is jeans. You can wear a band tee with skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, straight legs, bellbottoms, boot cuts, flares, you name it. And most band tees will go with any color so you can wear them with blue jeans, black jeans, red jeans, white jeans, plaid jeans, print jeans and more.

With Other Types of Pants

Band tees go great with jeans, but they also go with a variety of other pants. These include leggings, leather pants, cargo pants and more. If you are smart about it, you can even get away with wearing a band tee with trousers.

With a Skirt

Band tees have an alt, dressed down look that makes them the perfect thing to wear with a frilly mini skirt. The skirt will have a feminine look that provides the perfect dichotomy for a rugged tee. Add a pair of combat boots to balance the style.

Or, if you prefer something that makes an all over rocker statement, you can wear your band tee with a tight skirt. It will look best with a skirt that’s knee length or above. Complete the outfit with a pair of knee-high or MC boots.

Another way to go is boho chic with a maxi shirt. A tie-dyed maxi is the ideal item for complementing a psychedelic band tee that features a 60’s legend like Janis Joplin or Jimi Hendrix. Avoid anything too heavy on the feet by sticking with a simple pair of sandals. Or go all out Woodstock and leave your feet bare.

A final skirt option…. dress it up. Today’s styles call for sequins and bold metallics, even during the day. If you are looking to bring a shiny style down a notch, add a band tee. It will go well with a shiny skirt or pants.

Get into Layers

The layered look is another one that’s hot this year. When it comes to layering over a band tee, the options are practically limitless.

One possibility is to wear your band tee under a flannel. This takes you back to the days of 90’s grunge, an era that’s currently experiencing a resurgence. Finish it off with a ripped pair of jeans and sneakers or combat boots.

If you want something a little more sophisticated, how about a blazer? A blazer easily adds elegance to any outfit. Just toss one over jeans and a band tee and you have created a look you may even be able to get away with at the office. That’s right boss, I’m sporting my Led Zeppelin tee at work!

Thought you’d never wear all-over denim again? It’s back! And if you’re wondering what the perfect item is to wear with your blue jeans and jean jacket, it’s a band tee. This is one rocker look that’s very much in style.


I don’t know about you, but I think it’s really cool to wear your band tee with so many accessories over it, no one can quite make out who you’re wearing. In any case, the excess of necklaces is always very rock n’ roll.

The necklaces you wear will depend on the cut of the shirt. If your neckline is open, you’ll want to have a few shorter chains around the neck as well as some longer ones that span the length of your torso.

If you’re wearing a baby tee, you can go with a simple collar that will not interfere with the cut of the shirt at all. It’s very dopamine dressing. And if you want to add a few longer chains, who’s to stop you?

Or, you can forgo the necklace completely and wear a great looking scarf. Steven Tyler approved, I guarantee. 

Because band tees have such a great alternative look, it’s best to dress them up with heavier accessories. So, when you add rings and bracelets, stick to cuffs and spikes. Rings should feature large prominent stones that seem to have the potential of casting a spell.

Band tees are here to stay. They’re fun, they make a statement, and they go with just about anything. What’s your favorite way to work them into your outfits?


Marissa Bergen is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles, CA. She is passionate about health, fashion, and music. When she is not writing, she enjoys playing music with her son, daughter, and husband in their family band The CheeseBergens.

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